Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Todays appointment

Megan getting a pre-dose exam.

Megan getting her new increased dose. She was bumped from 3ml to 4ml of the 1mg/ml solution. Megan chose to have her egg water mixed with tropical kool-aid this week. Last week she had cherry.

Hanging out in the infusion room for the required 1 hour wait after dosing. Chatted with another mom who's son was also doing a 1 hour wait for milk desensitization. It is fun and reassuring to talk to other mothers who's children are further along in the process and hear how it has gone for them.

Minor reaction requiring extra monitoring. Megan developed a hive over one of her eyes and developed wonderful allergic shiners. We waited about 50 minutes beyond the normal hour wait and the shiners and hive got much better. Angela came in several times to check on Megan. The reaction required no medication.

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