Thursday, July 7, 2011

Egg Desensitization Day One

Waiting for the doctor to do an exam so that we can start the desensitization.

Megan's surprise gift for the long day ahead.

The first dose of diluted egg power in kool-aid flavored water.

Watching a movie passing the time in between our every 15 minute doses.

The dosing started around 8:45am and Megan had her last dose around 3:00pm. In all their were 25 doses given every 15 minutes throughout the day. Every couple of doses increased in concentration. Her first concentration was 100mcg/ml and the doses at that concentration went from 1ml to 5ml's. The next concentration was 1.0mg/ml and the doses went from 0.5ml all of the way to 6ml's. The egg powder used is purchased from Barry Farm. To make the solution more palatable it was mixed with kool-aid.

Megan had a minor reaction after her 25th dose requiring no intervention except a cold wash cloth. One of her eyes got red, itchy and a tiny, tiny bit puffy. It resolved within an hour. They ended up keeping her about a half hour later to observe her.

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