Friday, July 8, 2011

Minor setback..

Megan came to me about 50 minutes post dose and asked, "Mommy if I tell you I don't feel good do I have to have an epi". I explained that she would only need one if she started having a bad reaction. She started crying a bit and said that her tummy was not feeling well. We cuddled and I calmly went down the checklist of other possible symptoms and asked her if anything else was wrong. No, it was just the tummy. I called Dr. Wasserman and after talking a bit he decided to cut her dose in half. I dosed her with some antihistamine to counteract the slight reaction her body is fighting. This process is so individualized and everyone's tolerance and rate for progression is going to be different.

Dr. Wasserman called back to check on Megan and since she still was not feeling well we added a dose of steroid. We are now 3 1/2 hours out from dosing and she is feeling much better.

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