Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Next week will be a big jump..

Next week, in my mind, will be a big milestone in our one step forward one step back desensitization journey. Megan will finally move up to the dose that she would have originally dosed up to the week after our initial 8 hour desensitization day if not for the mild reaction and Dr. Wasserman wanting to err on the side of caution. Since this is not a race and each individual will progress according to their own tolerance we are right on track. Megan will be moving from the 6ml 1mg/ml solution to 10ml 1mg/ml solution!!! To be honest I never thought this would work for Megan. I guess you could say that I was very skeptical and looking at the hole in the donut instead of the donut itself (an idiom that Dr. Wasserman used recently in response to one of my pessimistic comments). I am very excited. I am not sure what the long term future will hold when it comes to egg for Megan but as a mom I owe it to Megan to try to make egg safe for her.

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