Wednesday, July 27, 2011

To the skeptical

To those that question and say, "Should a doctor be dabbling in such an experimental process such as desensitization"? Well, my answer is simple. What in medicine does not start out this way? With medicine nothing is a guarantee. All drugs, potential cures, treatments, therapies, even over the counter medications all begin at the experimental stage and if not for doctor's willing to go into unchartered territory medicine would still be in the dark ages. Yes, desensitization will not work for everyone but for the most part it has been overwhelmingly successful in Dr. Wasserman's opinion. He has been doing desensitization for 3 years and last month graduated his 100th SUCCESSFUL patient. Along the way he has seen what does and doesn't work. He has changed protocol as the need as arisen. Yes, we are still in the beginning stages of desensitization but in my opinion if this is something that can take a food that could potentially kill my daughter and make it a safe food I am willing to try it. There are risks with everything in medicine. There have to be BRAVE doctor's as well as patients willing to try such treatments in order to make progress. There may not yet be a cure for food allergies but in my opinion this is the first promising advance yet and I am excited to be a part of it.

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