Friday, July 8, 2011

Early Morning dosing day two

This morning I had to wake Megan up at 6am to dose her. I will spare you all the early morning dosing picture. Since she had 25 doses yesterday we did not do a day one nightly dose. Since dosing has to be within a window of 9 to 15 hours from the last dose that meant waking her up early this morning. Now to keep Megan awake for the next hour for observation. Let the fun begin.

Since desensitization is still in its infancy changes in protocol are constantly being made. After Megan finishes the desensitization and begins her set daily dose of egg she will have to continue to use the Berry Farm egg powder. They have found that eating egg in the cooked form varied too greatly from day to day. Cooking egg breaks down the full intact protein and for a person dealing with severe egg allergy trying to maintain a desensitized state this just was not working. Megan will still be free to eat eggs but will have to continue to dose with the Berry Farm egg powder.

It is still so incredibly unreal that I am actually feeding Megan egg!!! Yes, it is very, very dilute right now but we are doing it. Until the concentration is larger this is how Megan gets her egg now. Amazing, isn't it?

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