Friday, September 9, 2011

A very good question

Someone messaged me this question...

Hi Jennifer,
I'm so glad that Megan is doing so well with the egg, and that you are sharing the journey. Love seeing those updates!!

I know you're busy but if you get a chance can you let me know if you have discussed puberty and desensitization with Dr. Wasserman at all? I know the kids immunity changes as their hormonal surges begin, sometimes more for girls. For instance they know in pregnancy that about 2/3 women's asthma gets worse, 1/3 gets better.. but don't know why. Has he shared any insights about pre-teen/teen patients and whether they have troubles remaining desensitized thru puberty?


And here is Dr. Wasserman's response.

There are a variety of hormonal effects on the immune system but, in real life, they are usually unpredictable. We have had several teenage desensitization patients, both male and female, and they don't seem to have behaved differently than our other patients.
Richard L. Wasserman, MD,PhD

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