Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This is one of the reasons that I felt so passionate about sharing Megan's story

This is a quote from a mother in response to my blog.

"I just happened upon this post & read your blog of the experience. I'm so happy for you guys! And I'm jealous that you have a doctor who's willing to put newer research into practice. Thank you for contributing to the body of knowledge so that eventually it can trickle down to areas like ours where doctors are so behind the times. My son will be 5 this winter. He's never had an IOFC for egg, and we hope he will soon. If he fails it (he's RAST & SPT positive but has never ingested it except recently was OK with baked-in-egg), I would love to be able to do oral immunotherapy with him. Go Megan!!"

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