Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Today Megan had her dose increase. I have been wondering and curious if it would be possible to be able to have eggs in the house and cook them before the full desensitization process was over. Megan is both contact and airborne reactive to eggs. Well, drumroll........the answer is YES!!!!!!! I was shocked and very excited when I was told that this should be possible in about a MONTH. She won't be able to eat them of course but by that time she should be at a dose with the egg that she should not be contact and airborne reactive anymore. Lets just say that everyone in the house is doing the happy dance!!! Never did I think over 4 years ago when Megan was first diagnosed that we would be where we are today. I am so incredibly thankful for breakthroughs in medicine especially when it potentially can change one's life in such a personal way. By the way, Megan did great today with her dose increase. She went from 6ml's to 10ml's!!

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