Monday, August 15, 2011

Desensitization and school

On this issue we are not going to have much of a problem. Dr. Wasserman believes that due to Megan's reactions in the past she is better off staying home this year to homeschool. Having Megan at home will relieve any issues with possible reactions that could occur in school not to mention major mommy ANXIETY. I am hoping that by next year school will not be an issue nor a worry. Our goal is to finish egg and go right into peanut. If all goes well she will have graduated from both egg and peanut by the time she is to start 1st grade!!! From chatting with other moms that have kids in school desensitization becomes somewhat of a juggling act with regards to morning dosing, the no activity for 2 hour rule, and weekly appointments. It can be done though and many do it and do it well.

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