Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Egg Tolerance Challenge Day

Megan has been three years post desensitization and today was the day to challenge her against her once arch enemy, EGG!!! Megan did amazing and passed with flying colors. We did four escalating doses over a couple of hours. Megan no longer has to do daily dosing of egg. Dr. Wasserman suggests that she eat egg 2-3 times a week.

Megan quickly scarfed down 3 boiled eggs when we got home today!! Oh, how she missed eating eggs for the past month. I am so very grateful for Dr. Wasserman and all that he has done to make Megan's life what it is today. Gone are the day of fearing anaphylactic reactions from egg and the fear of death that can result from reactions. Despite skeptics and fellow colleagues that still think that what he is doing is crazy, I applaud Dr. Wasserman for his desire to offer DESENSITIZATION to better his patients lives. I am extremely grateful that God put our family in Dr. Wasserman's care over 16 years ago when our firstborn, Hannah, was a toddler. God knows ahead of time what each of us needs and is faithful to provide in the most extraordinary ways. 

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